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These General Terms and Conditions regulate the access and use of ("Website"). By visiting, using and making a purchase through the Website, you confirm that you are familiar with these terms and conditions and accept them. In the event that you do not agree with all or part of our terms of use, please do not use our Website.

​This Website and all information contained therein is owned, operated and maintained by "La Bella 2021" EOOD ("Company"), with its registered office in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, 2 Pop Hariton Street, p.c. 5000 with EIK 206475397. If you need additional information, please contact us through the contact form on the Website or by phone +359 88 627 2626.

​Access to and use of the Website, including displaying pages, communicating with and related to the Website and social media resources, as well as the purchases made are made by users entirely for personal purposes, which should in no way be bound to any commercial, economic or professional activity .

​The Company is not considered responsible for any use of the Website and its content by any of its users that is not in accordance with the laws and legal regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria. In case of malicious action on your part, you may be held liable for providing false, false or misleading information or data concerning third parties, as well as for any unlawful use of such information or data.

​These general terms and conditions may be partially or fully amended and updated by the Company, and they shall enter into force from the date of their publication on the Website, without express notification to users by the Company. The date of the update is indicated at the bottom of this page.



The products offered by the Company are sold directly by the Company and can be ordered in the following ways:

Ordering products through an electronic store on the Website:

It is necessary to select one or several products from the online catalog and use the "ADD TO CART" button to add it to the basket for shopping.

Following the order steps, in the last step you need to fill in your personal and delivery details.
Fill in your address if the delivery method is selected "to an address with a courier company SPIDI or the name of the office of SPIDI if the delivery method is selected "to an office of SPIDI".

The order is considered submitted when the Company receives your request electronically along with your details and the order information is confirmed.

The Company reserves the right not to process orders when they are incomplete or inaccurate, or the products are no longer available (in stock). In these cases, the Company will inform you by e-mail that the execution of the requested order is not possible, indicating its reasons for this. The Company will inform you of the unavailability of the ordered products within ten (10) days from the day your request is received.

By sending the order request, you are obligated to pay the amount specified in it. The order request will be saved in our database for the time required for its processing and execution, as well as for the time provided by law.

By submitting the order request, you agree and undertake to comply with these General Terms and Conditions. In case you do not agree with any of them, please do not submit your request to purchase products from the Website.

After sending an order request, you will receive a confirmation of its successful acceptance to your e-mail.

​Discount codes:

Discount codes are personalized codes that allow you to take advantage of discounts on purchases through the e-store on the Website. Discount codes cannot be exchanged for their cash equivalent under any circumstances.



The company offers for sale luxury and high quality products. Their main features are shown and described on each individual product page.​

Product prices are subject to change. It is necessary to check the final sale price before placing your order with the Company, regardless of the order method chosen.



The payment of the value of the requested products and the costs of their delivery and transport are carried out in the selected and specified way when sending the order: hrez cash on delivery (the most frequently used method when the order is sent by courier or to the SPIDI office or in cash or by debit/credit card, in case the PICKUP FROM OBJECT option is selected. (*Note that the ability to pay by card depends entirely on the location where you receive your order). ​

When paying with a debit/credit card in an establishment that offers La`Bella products, the responsibility of all card data lies with the establishment and the Company does not receive them in an explicit form, does not store them in the store system, nor do third parties have access to them.



The shipping cost depends on the selected shipping method as follows:

  • to the office of the SPIDI courier company chosen by you - BGN 4.50. VAT included
  • to the address specified by you with SPIDI courier company - BGN 7.00 including VAT

For orders worth BGN 70 or more, delivery is free for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, in case an option is selected Delivery to SPIDI office.

Orders placed and received by 1:00pm on a business day are fulfilled the same day and delivered the next business day (e.g. if you place an order on a Monday (working day) by 1:00 p.m., the order will be with you on Tuesday).

Orders placed and accepted after 13:00 on a working day are fulfilled on the next working day.

On weekdays, normal delivery hours are between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM.

​Orders placed on a non-working day are accepted and fulfilled on the first working day following the non-working day.

At your express request, delivery on Saturday is possible, and it will be carried out by a courier between 9:00 and 13:00. In this case, please contact us at or on phone: +359 88 627 2626, to specify delivery details.

​In the event that at the time of delivery to the specified address you are not found or do not go to the selected SPIDI courier company office in order to receive your shipment on time, the Company is released from its obligation to fulfill the delivery of the requested order.



In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, you may exercise your right to return purchased products without any penalty and without having to state a specific reason for doing so. Within fourteen (14) days from the date on which you received the product, you have the right to declare your will to return, and it is necessary to contact the Company in advance and in writing at the email address to state your will.

​In the case of cancellation of an order and return of products, all refundable amounts are refunded in the manner in which they were paid. In the event that the payment was made at an outlet offering La`Bella products, the refund is made within 30 days by ordering a reverse operation on an account provided by the customer. 

​Products must be returned unused, unopened and intact in their original packaging. In the event that you wish to return a set, it must include all of its parts, each of which meets the described integrity conditions.

​Upon express and full fulfillment of the above conditions, the Company will refund the full amount of the returned products, excluding the shipping costs incurred by you (if any), as well as the costs of returning and replacing the products - all courier return and/or reshipment fees are payable by you. All sums will be refunded in the way they were paid - by postal money transfer through the SPIDI courier company or by operation on a bank account provided by the client. 

​The returned products must be sent via SPIDI courier company to the Company within seven (7) days from the date on which you sent your written will to return and under the conditions stated above. The company does not accept shipments sent by cash on delivery!

​Once the Company has received the returned products and verified that they meet all requirements, you will receive an electronic notification that the returned products have been accepted.

​In the event that the returned products are not eligible for return, you will be notified. In this case, you can choose to have the products shipped back to you at your expense. If you refuse, the Company reserves the right to retain the returned products, as well as the amount paid for them.

​Please note that any duties, taxes and charges (if any) you have paid for the delivery of the purchased products are non-refundable.


The Company strives to improve the Website technically and organizationally, applying measures to ensure the security of its services, in order to prevent unauthorized use or access to data, as well as to prevent risks of dissemination, destruction and loss of data and confidential information in relation to the users of the Website, as well as to avoid unauthorized or illegal access to such data and information.

The company accepts and publishesPersonal data privacy policy, which you can get to know here.



"La Bella" 2021 EOOD is the exclusive owner of the logos, the registered trademark La'Bella and domain name“”. The company has the right to exclusive use of its own trademarks. Without the consent of "La Bella 2021" EOOD it is not permitted to use these trademarks for other products or services.

The content of the Website, including but not limited to photographs, illustrations, videos, documents, figures, logos and any other material published in any format, including menus, parts of web pages, graphics, colors, schemes, tools, fonts, design of The website, diagrams are protected by copyright and by any other intellectual property right belonging to the Company and the respective rights holders. Partial or complete reproduction, in whatever form, of the Website or its contents is not permitted without the written consent of the Company.

​The Company has the exclusive right to permit or prohibit any reproduction (whether directly or indirectly, temporarily or permanently, or for any other reason or in any form, in whole or in part) of the Website and its contents. The use of such copies is permitted only for lawful purposes and in accordance with copyright and other intellectual property rights of the Company and the authors of the works published on the Website.

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