About us


The roads, which I took in my life led me to the moment when I realized that my mission was to breathe new life into completely natural cosmetics.

I accumulated knowledge, experience, listened to people's opinions, but most of all I drew strength from nature. Using only real natural ingredients, I managed to make a cream that does not need any chemical preservatives and at the same time is extremely effective on the overall condition of the skin and subsequently the whole body.

Inspired and enthusiastic about the effect of the cosmetics I produce, I felt the desire to bring natural beauty into the homes of more people. That's when my idea for La'Bella was born.


“I want to show you through my products how powerful and healing nature can be!”

Petya Dimitrova

We at La’Bella

aim to produce products for HEALTHY skin using only natural and pure herbs and plants.


We use only freshly extracted oils that do not undergo any processing. We want the products to be prepared by a traditional method, without machine intervention and without any chemical aids.

We carry out the production at a low temperature, so that 100% of the valuable actions of the active ingredients can be preserved.

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